End of Life Concerns

Pawz To Care understands how special our pets are to us. We place strong emphasis on the bond you share with your pet. They are part of our family and watching them age and develop terminal disease is often more difficult than we anticipate.

Dr. Spohn and Dr. Sims are strong advocates for palliative care when end of life concerns are evident. This inevitably involves keeping the patient as comfortable as possible during the last stages of their life. Depending on the condition and disease, this may call for more routine visits and hospice type care in the home.

Deciding When To Euthanize

Making the decision to euthanize your pet is one of the hardest choices we ever have to make. No one knows your animal as well as you do – that relationship is sacred. Your pet depends on you to take care of them, to make medical decisions and address their health concerns. Pawz To Care is ready and willing to help you in this process in whatever way we can. We are available for consultation regarding end of life issues when needed. You are your pet’s advocate and when you do make the decision to let them go, Dr. Spohn and Dr. Sims will be there to reaffirm your concerns and support your choice.

How Do We Perform Euthanasia?

Because euthanasia is one of the toughest things we endure, we believe that it is something that should be handled delicately and compassionately. In ideal situations, a catheter is placed to allow direct access to the vein, which decreases complications and facilitates the process. A sedative is given to relax the pet, followed by the drug that stops the heart. It is quick and humane, allowing our loved ones to die peacefully. 


What happens after euthanasia?

After putting your pet to sleep, you can decide to take your pet home with you or have your pet cremated. Because saying goodbye is difficult, we recommend having after death plans arranged prior to your visit for euthanasia. No matter what you decide to do, don’t feel pressured to choose one option or another; choose the option that is best for you. Some pet owners feel that an urn with their pet’s remains helps the grieving process. Because your pet has peacefully passed, it is now your decision to do what is best for you.

The bereavement process is different for every pet owner. Some only take a couple days for mourning while others take months. It is completely normal to mourn the loss of your pet, and you should never feel obligated to put a time limit on what is the “right” amount of time.

If you have any questions about the process of putting a pet to sleep, or want to schedule an appointment to see if it would be beneficial for your pet’s condition, contact our office at your convenience.


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